Whitehatters Computer Security Club

# New Members

Welcome to Whitehatters Computer Security Club!

This guide is to make sure you have all of the information you need to keep up to date with the club, keep in contact with the members, and participate in any events we hold.


All club news goes out through our mailing list. Before anything else you should make sure to join it. If you want to know whether we have a meeting a particular week, if a new event has come up, or just the current goings on within the club, this should be your first stop. You can join the mailing list at http://lists.acomp.usf.edu/mailman/listinfo/wcsc or by clicking the ‘mailing list’ link at http://wcsc.usf.edu/contact. It is important to note that the list is setup to only accept @mail.usf.edu addresses so if you do not have one you will have to speak to the club president at a physical meeting.

In addition to the mailing list we also communicate via Slack. Slack is our primary hangout and will require manual additions at a physical club meeting.


Our primary general meetings take place every Friday at 5:00 PM. However, the place of these meetings may change every semester. Read our weekly emails to find out the location.

Every semester, we may also hold meetings that are specifically geared towards practicing for Capture The Flag hacking competitions and rely heavily on theory and programming. These competitions present problems modeled on real world issues and task teams with hacking their way past a program, website, or service in addition to things like finding buried/hidden information and cracking cryptosystems. Our club was founded over 10 years ago with the primary purpose of participating in these events with the ultimate goal of competing in and winning the DEFCON CTF event that takes place in Las Vegas every year at the DEFCON computer security conference. We welcome all but be forewarned that these competitions can be quite intense and require a large amount of commitment. Find out more about CTFs here: https://trailofbits.github.io/ctf/

You can see a full listing of events and meetings at the official calendar: http://wcsc.usf.edu/calendar