Whitehatters Computer Security Club

# New Members

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Get familiar with virtualization by installing Linux in a VM

Installing Ubuntu on VirtualBox Guide

Learn Linux

If you're a complete beginner, try CodeAcademy's command line tutorial

Once you know the basics, complete the Bandit Wargame

General CTF Resources

Whitehatters CTF Board -- CTF challenges created by Whitehatters. Covers all kinds of challenges. If you come up with one submit it to the officers and we'll include it!

Github CTFs Writeups -- Links to writeups for almost every CTF challenge out there

Below are resources divided by topic

Binary Reverse Engineering

Learning Resources

Vortex -- Binary exploitation wargame

Murmus CTF -- YouTube live streams of binary challenges and techniques

microcorruption -- Embedded security CTF

Useful Tools

pwntools -- A Python library built for CTFs

GDB -- The GNU Debugger

PEDA -- Extensions for GDB that assists with exploit development and reverse engineering

Binary Ninja -- Easy to use dissasembler

radare2 -- Debugger/Dissasembler. Powerful, but it has a steep learning curve.

Web Exploitation

Learning Resources

HackThisSite.org -- Web focused challenges

Live SQL Injection Trainer -- Easily practice basic SQL injection

WebGoat -- Web application with many flaws that you can practice on

Useful Tools


Learning Resources

Kyrpton -- Crypto wargame

Useful Tools

PyCrypto -- Python cryptography module

Black Chamber -- Browser tools for solving simple crypto challenges


Learning Resources

Useful Tools

Wireshark -- Network protocol analyzer

binwalk -- Binary analysis tool